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Undergraduate degree courses

Study French Studies or International Politics at the University of London Institute in Paris.

Undergraduate degree courses

Study French Studies or International Politics at the University of London Institute in Paris.

Presentation of the Undergraduate Programmes

The University of London Institute in Paris specialises in social sciences and humanities. Being a small university with a close-knit community of staff and students, we offer two core programmes at the undergraduate level, International Politics or French Studies with various subjects as minor options.

While the International Politics programmes are delivered in English, the French Studies programmes are mainly delivered in French. For those with no prior French qualification, we offer non-credit bearing French courses to expand your language repertoire and navigate through the city.

What is different about the Institute in Paris' undergraduate programmes? Check our slides below by clicking on the arrow and find out more about the unique aspects of our offer.

Interdisciplinary and intercultural programmes

We have an interdisciplinary approach, allowing you to have more breadth in your course content as you will be able to explore a variety of subjects. In addition, with French/English/European and Global comparative elements, the programmes will allow you to widen your perspective, as well as your network by interacting with students who study a different field.

Small-class sizes and interactive style of learning

The University of London Institute in Paris' small-scale allows small class sizes which facilitates a collaborative and interactive style of learning, allowing hands-on learning to be at the centre of the Institute in Paris’ programmes. In addition, our attentive and accessible staff strive to constantly renew course content so it reflects and addresses contemporary issues.

Field trips, field works and assessment

We offer regular field trips and encourage our students to do fieldwork, so you can get the most out of the city and your study experience, giving you a competitive edge once you graduate. Students can choose their area of interest and carry out research projects. Methods of assessment include a variety of types of coursework, in-class presentations and research projects to name a few.

Assigned academic advisor

If you attend the University of London Institute in Paris you will be assigned an academic advisor who will guide you both in academic and pastoral matters throughout your time at the university. This hands-on support is there to accompany you along your journey transitioning from school to university, especially if this is your first experience abroad.

French Studies

Our long-established three-year French Studies programmes with or without Business, History or International Relations will allow you to connect to its live environment: Paris, France. It will enable you to become a near-native speaker, gain intercultural skills as well as international experience, and graduate with a prestigious University of London degree.

International Politics

This one-of-a-kind programme is taught in English from the heart of Paris. Our BA in International Politics, with or without a French option, focuses on the practical aspects of international politics in contemporary society while giving you a unique chance to live and study in the French capital, allowing you to gain invaluable international experience and graduate with a renowned University of London degree.