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Welcome from the Centre

The Institute of Legal Studies (TILS) has been established with the efforts of the members of the faculty and the student body to provide qualitative legal education. The legal fraternity constantly reviews its standards of academic requirements. Within a short span of time, TILS has ensured that standards of excellence in imparting education are maintained through an outstanding faculty supplemented with up to-date resource materials.

We give students opportunities to transform their visions into reality. As a result, they develop the intellectual, professional and social characteristics that will support a life of personal achievement and social responsibility.

TILS welcomes a diversity of people and perspectives to a campus that promotes close interactions and respect for individuals. The students of TILS, and its graduates, are characterised by their determination to make a difference.

We recommend that you check further details with the Teaching Centre before applying.

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The Institute of Legal Studies (TILS)

Student testimonial

Ali Arslan

Ali Arslan - Bachelor of Laws

“The University of London degree has been instrumental in my professional and personal development, as it has taught me discipline, creativity and originality. The programme is designed to challenge us as law students to overcome these hurdles through effort and zeal to excel.

TILS provided me with the ideal circumstances to conduct research through an expansive library and allowed me to exercise my strength as a leader through group work, peer counselling and extracurricular activities.

The degree made a sound foundation for a research intensive master’s programme at one of the leading institutions in the world, UCL. The University of London allows one to explore new avenues and achieve great milestones. It is the stepping stone to an exciting and rewarding journey ahead of us.”

Graduation date: 2006
TILS students

"The University of London's LLB degree proved to be an enriching experience." - Jamal Aziz