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Institute in Paris

Research Themes

Research at the Institute in Paris reflects our intercultural and interdisciplinary environment and seeks to foster productive exchange between questions emerging in the fields of cultural production, international politics and environmental humanities. 

Our research can be grouped into four distinct themes:

  • Mobilities, Environmental Politics and City Studies 
  • Literary Studies, Cultural Translation and Multilingualism 
  • Contemporary Political Theory 
  • Knowledge Diplomacy 

The University of London Institute in Paris (ULIP) occupies a unique position among the rich landscape of British research institutions. A centre of Franco-British academic and cultural exchange for over 100 years, research at ULIP benefits from both the diversity and richness of the University of London, to which we belong, and cultural and political life of the city of Paris, where we are located. Much of our work is inherently preoccupied with projects and perspectives that build upon the multilingual and transnational nature of our institution and its history. 

At the University of London Institute in Paris, we take comparative and connected approaches that situate France and the francophone world in the context of both local diversity and wider global dynamics. The Institute in Paris researchers’ innovative work with different communities in Paris, for example, seeks to build its enquiries within the contemporary city where new practices and cultures are emerging. The University of London Institute in Paris also works with a wide range of partners – including academic, institutional and cultural institutions – on different short and long-term projects that look to extend the impact of our research upon policy and society. 

This stimulating environment is supported by the University of London Institute in Paris' growing community of postgraduate students and by regular academic visitors. A programme of lively and thought-provoking research seminars and events – many held in collaboration with other Paris- and London-based research institutions – takes place throughout the year.