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Institute in Paris

Help and support (Student Services)

The University of London Institute in Paris is committed to providing a friendly and supportive environment.

We want to make your experience of living and studying in Paris as rewarding and positive as possible. Our friendly and bilingual professional services team is here to help you.

Our Student Services team is responsible for all administrative aspects of your time with us – this includes giving you practical advice on healthcare, funding, visa applications and welfare support. 


As a student at the University of London Institute of Paris, you will have access to French national health cover, the Sécurité sociale, either through the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), or by registering to the Sécurité sociale directly (we can help you with this). Successful applicants receive detailed information in early summer on the basic level of health cover provided by the Sécurité sociale, as well as information on subscribing to additional health cover. Our team in Student Services operates an open-door policy to offer advice and guidance to any student facing a practical difficulty during their time in France, so if you have any issues there is always someone to talk to.

Emotional Support

As well as support from within the University via Student Services, Personal Advisors and SU Welfare Officers, you also have access to external or online resources if you are in need of additional emotional support. These include services provided by International SOS, the Paris-based International Counselling Service, Nightline and Togetherall.

International SOS

The University of London Institute of Paris has signed a partnership with International SOS which provides health, security, travel, emotional well-being, and emergency assistance. Whether you need a simple piece of information or in an emergency, multilingual doctors and experts can support you 24/7. Support includes finding a doctor, helping with a visa issue or advising on applying for a replacement passport. If you are travelling to another country, International SOS can also advise on local conditions or travel requirements.

Personal adviser

You will be assigned a personal adviser, a supportive and approachable member of faculty, who is there to help you with any problems or concerns you may have, whether you are homesick or are struggling with an assignment. The Personal Adviser’s role is to provide you with advice and support and to maintain an overview of your academic progress and achievements. Any matter, whether trivial or traumatic, academic, social, financial, medical, or to do with home, may be brought to your Personal Adviser’s attention. In addition to their formal duties, your adviser can also offer advice on learning strategies, career development, or general difficulties you may encounter in managing your life in Paris. They will refer you for specialist advice from another member of staff as necessary.

Educational support for students with disabilities and specific learning differences

We work closely with the Queen Mary University of London's Disability and Dyslexia Service advisers to provide assistance to students who may need extra support to enable them to manage their own educational and personal progression.

Students with disabilities and specific learning differences are encouraged to maintain close contact with their Personal Advisor and Student Services. In collaboration with QMUL’s Disability and Dyslexia Service, our students can access the following types of support: 

  • Examination access arrangements 
  • Assistance around the Institute and in lectures
  • Assistance for students in applying for the Disabled Students’ Allowance which provides financial help on top of the standard student package to fund specialist software, one-to-one study skills tuition or mentoring support  

In order that the Institute may provide the most appropriate support possible to students with specific learning needs, it requires all students who request special adaptations or auxiliary support to provide full documentation of their condition and their support needs from an appropriate professional. 

It is essential that you discuss your needs with our Student Services team as early as possible, even before you enroll.
Claire Miller | Head of Student, Academic and External Services