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Institute in Paris

Year abroad

Even before offering its own degree programmes, Institute in Paris had a long experience of welcoming British students from other universities to study with us for all or part of their compulsory year abroad.

Spend a semester or year abroad studying in Paris.

Why choose the University of London Institute in Paris?

Only with our programme can year-abroad students benefit from teaching designed in accordance with the strict quality control standards of the best British universities while living and studying in France. You will join a ready-made community of French Studies and International Politics students from the UK and beyond and be able to take advantage of their experience of living in Paris.

What courses can I choose?

Your term or year at the Institute can be structured depending on individual needs. You should first discuss credit transfer requirements with your home institution. Some universities will require their students to take compulsory French language courses while abroad, while others will specify a minimum number of credits, level or type of assessment. Modules can be selected from our undergraduate French studies or International Politics programmes but please note that all modules are offered subject to availability.

How do I apply?

Once you have discussed with your home institution the requirements for study abroad, contact us with further information about your needs. We recommend that you contact ULIP at least 6 months prior to your planned arrival. This will allow to confirm module selection, carry out language testing (if appropriate) and provide support in your accommodation search.

Tuition fees

  • £1160 per 15-credit module for UK (Home) Students
  • £1500 per 15-credit module for EU and International students

Please contact us if you have any questions about studying at the Institute on your year abroad.