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ICLS - International Center for Legal Studies
Study at the International Center for Legal Studies, graduate from the University of London.

Welcome from the Institution 

Since 2002, ICLS has been teaching LL.B. students to successfully pass their University of London law exams. Our graduates have achieved outstanding results. In fact, in 2015, an ICLS graduate achieved the highest grade worldwide in the difficult dissertation category. Graduates who complete our course do very well on their London exams. 

ICLS offers an academic platform to help prepare students worldwide to pass the University of London LL.B. exams at their FIRST attempt. This platform levels the playing field with an integrated system that provides individual mentoring, live ‘in person’ workshops, online lectures, lecture notes, practice exams, revision lectures and notes, academic assessments, and best of all, law tutors who have years of experience preparing students for the University of London LL.B. exams. 

No matter where you live, from New York to Hong Kong, ICLS provides a hybrid e-learning platform that combines online learning, individual live mentoring and annual ‘in person’ workshops in selected locations.

George D. Pappas, Ph.D. 
Executive Director 

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Student testimonial

Wade O'Leary

Wade O’Leary - Bachelor of Laws

"The successful completion of my LLB from the University of London International Programme was only possible because of George and his team's excellent program of lectures, exam preparation, and access to academic support. While the distance format of the University of London's programme enables the accessibility of achieving an LLB, it also brings with it many challenges. The ICLS program provides a community of support that will be essential for those looking to complete an LLB with the international programme. Thanks to George and ICLS for ensuring my success in the achievement my LLB. "

Graduation date: 2016