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LRaPP projects

Details of our projects and how you can get involved.

New Deal for Young People mentoring research

Results from our call for research proposals

We are pleased to announce we have appointed a team from the University of East London to map the youth mentoring landscape in London. This vital work will inform the New Deal for Young People recovery Mission.  

The research sets out to map youth mentoring provision across London, including areas where the need is greatest, and identify best practice. It will run until December 2022 with a final report bringing together the key findings. The report will contain both quantitative and qualitative outputs with a focus on obtaining rich qualitative data to improve delivery of the current programme, to refine future activities, and help inform future policy and strategy development.

The research team will develop insights in the following areas:

  • What existing mentoring is available for young Londoners most in need of support. What are the gaps (target groups, locations and effective practice)?
  • What effective partnerships, collaborations and best practices are currently in place and what can we learn from them?
  • What are the opportunities to expand and improve the quality of mentoring and support partnerships and collaboration where it is needed most?
  • How might policymakers strengthen mentoring across London (guidance and suggestions)

We are grateful to the University of London and the Higher Education Innovation Fund for supporting this work.


Levelling Up and London Events

A summary of the Levelling Up and London events hosted in September and October 2021. PDF 307.37 KB