Machine learning and AI - structure

Graduate Diploma

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are starting to play far bigger roles in our daily lives. They are used in digital assistants that respond to our voices, self-driving cars and adaptive education systems. 

Machine learning provides a means for computer systems to extract useful information out of data. These techniques are widely used in the technology industry for a variety of applications, for example, recommending music and other products to people, identifying faces in photos and predicting trends in financial markets.  

By studying this Graduate Diploma you will be able to: 

  • demonstrate a sound understanding of the main areas within machine learning and artificial intelligence, with an ability to exercise critical judgement to the evaluation of machine learning and artificial intelligence applications.
  • apply a critical understanding of essential concepts, principles and practices of machine learning and artificial intelligence, and critically evaluate the results.
  • produce work involving problem identification, the analysis, the design or the development of a system.

To gain a Graduate Diploma (Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence), you must complete:

  • three core modules (totalling 45 credits)
  • three compulsory modules (totalling 45 credits)
  • a compulsory project (totalling 30 credits)