60 seconds with: David Rowsby

In our penultimate short interview, David Rowsby of CIMA discusses the benefits of the Global MBA and how the association with CIMA could benefit new students.

David Rowsby
"We’re extremely pleased to be working with the University of London and to be one of the accrediting bodies for the Global MBA."

How well-suited is the Global MBA (with its specialism in Accountancy) to an organisation like CIMA?

We’re extremely pleased to be working with the University of London and to be one of the accrediting bodies for the Global MBA.

We’ve worked closely to support the development of the accountancy modules, and we feel that CIMA really is the ideal partner for the programme given our global reach, flexible study approaches, and more importantly, the shared focus on developing future business leaders.

How does the MBA reflect CIMA’s own outreach expansion? 

CIMA has become truly global now that we have joined forces with the American Institute of CPAs.

Previously, our offices and activity were in London, Dublin, and anything to the east of that. But together with the AICPA we have created the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants and this Association now opens up North America and creates a whole host of opportunities that could now be open for those sitting this Global MBA.

The online format of the Global MBA is very much in tune with ongoing developments in the use of technology in education and industry.

Postgraduate student in the library
Find out how the MBA reflects CIMA's outreach expansion.

hat can CIMA offer to Global MBA students who might be interested in accountancy modules?

CIMA has offices around the world. We support and guide students, have local online job boards and provide networking opportunities.

This Global MBA provides access to the CIMA qualification, and together, the opportunity to become a financially qualified business leader with the skills that businesses well and truly need – that’s technical skills, business skills, people skills to influence others, and leadership skills too.

What are the main benefits of the Global MBA, do you think?

It’s vital to remain competitive and it’s vital to secure your individual relevance.

I think this Global MBA does that, with the support of institutes such as the CMI and ourselves at CIMA, so that those on the MBA have the opportunity to partner with an institute that can support them throughout their career with ongoing professional development.

The University of London Global MBA really does help those participating to secure their relevance and therefore their future.

David Rowsby is CIMA Regional VP, Europe. He has held a Directorship with CIMA since 2009 and is a core contributor to CIMA’s Global Strategy and Business Plans.