60 seconds with: Ian Myson

Ian Myson of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) reflects on the benefits of the University of London’s dual-accredited Global MBA for the current economic climate.

Ian Myson
"For graduates to succeed in the post-Brexit world, they will need international and cross-cultural knowledge."

How will Global MBA students benefit from accreditation with CMI?

We know from our research that 75% of employers want people to have a practical professional qualification as well as academic qualifications.

When they graduate, learners obtain a CMI postgraduate qualification in Strategic Management of Leadership as well as the MBA.

Students on the course also get access to a whole range of CMI membership benefits such as online content, online mentoring opportunities and a whole range of career development tools.

For those less familiar with CMI, can you give us an outline of the organisation?

We are the only chartered professional body dedicated to raising standards of best practice in leadership and management in the UK.

Our vision is simple: better layers to management organisations. We achieve this by increasing the quantity of professionally qualified managers.

How important is it to have professional management skills?

It couldn’t be more important. Bad management is the number one cause of the productivity gap in the UK, costing some £84 billion per year.

This clearly hampers economic and social progress worldwide.

How can this MBA help graduates to meet employers’ expectations?

For graduates to succeed in the post-Brexit world, they will need international and cross-cultural knowledge.

CMI research shows that employers expect graduates to appreciate cultural diversity, to comprehend universal business language, and to be familiar with globalisation.

It also shows that nearly a quarter of employers rate graduates ‘weak’ in the area of global mind-set, and believe they lack the attributes to succeed in an increasingly interconnected world.

So the Global MBA is a welcome and much needed initiative in an increasingly global business environment. CMI can engage with learners and help them develop their practical professional skills.

Ian Myson is Director of Higher Education Partnerships at the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).