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Funding your MBA studies

If you’re interested in applying for the Global MBA, we have resources available to help you secure funding for the programme.

Chatting to fellow students

Find out about the resources available to help you secure funding for the Global MBA programme.


We have bursaries available to alumni who enrol for the Global MBA programme. If you are a former student and wish to study again, you can be eligible to get a discount of 20% off your fees.

Get sponsored by your employer

The Global MBA has been designed to allow you to study while you work. You can continue to build your professional experience while you consolidate it with a world-class degree.

The programme is also advantageous to your employer, who benefits from your learning from the moment you begin. Consequently, there are strong business reasons for an employer to consider sponsoring you for the programme.

Create your case for sponsorship with our fully-customisable template.

Postgraduate Loans

If you’re a UK national, an EU national, or you’ve been living in the UK for three years, you could be eligible for a Postgraduate Loan worth up to £10,000 to help with course fees and living costs.

You can also get additional support if you have a disability.

Find out more.