Mobile Development - structure

Graduate Diploma

With the global mobile app market booming and expected to be worth $139 billion by 2021, it is no surprise that it is common for established organisations to have a web presence which includes complex interacting systems. 

Mobile development is a critical application area for computer science. Many of the largest technology companies maintain large scale web applications, providing services such as social media, search, advertising and video and audio streaming. Mobile application development has become a major part of the software industry over the last decade, with established as well as new companies developing thousands of mobile games and utilities.

By studying this Graduate Diploma you will be able to:

  • demonstrate a sound understanding of the main areas of user experience analysis, design and development, with an ability to exercise critical judgement to the evaluation of user-focussed applications.
  • apply a critical understanding of essential concepts, principles and practices of mobile development, and critically evaluate the results.
  • produce work involving problem identification, the analysis, the design or the development of a system, with appropriate documentation, recognising the important relationships between these.

To gain a Graduate Diploma (Mobile Development), you must complete:

  • three core modules (totalling 45 credits)
  • three compulsory modules (totalling 45 credits)
  • a compulsory project (totalling 30 credits)