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The 8 most Instagrammable places in London

If you are visiting London for the first time whether from overseas or within the UK one thing is for certain, your Instagram account is about to see some action. This is because London is one of the most ‘Instagrammable' cities in the world, and ranked 9th in Big 7's 50 most Instagrammable cities 2020. Such an accolade is not the least bit surprising as London brings to bear hundreds of years of culture, era-defining architecture, arts and traditions all stirred into one rich melting pot.

Whilst the rich heritage, size and vibrancy presents limitless experiences like cafes, dining, museums and nightlife, it also offers some of the most aesthetically breathtaking public spaces in the world. This means that even in the COVID-related absences of bars, restaurants, galleries and the like, you can still take a day to hunt down and 'gram' some great London shots. This is a great way to explore the city with the benefit of being free and safe!*   

*We advise you to wear masks and comply with social distancing when in public spaces

Read on to see our top eight most Instagrammable places in London. 

London for Instagrammers - A match made in heaven

London for Instagrammers is heaven-sent because it offers different things in terms of scenery and composition. This means that in a single trip dump of shots, you can showcase anything from modern, traditional, quaint, cutting edge, trendy/urban and even natural or scenic!

Not only do these shots give a varied representation of London, but it also means that as a Instagram user, you can implement different descriptive hashtags unique to each photo. Done correctly, this will lead to greater visibility of your photos which will then produce more engagement. 

Instagram spots in London 

In terms of an all-round view, there are some very good Instagram spots in London which provide a multitude of angels that shine no matter the weather (a crucial consideration when talking about London!).  

Parliament Hill Skyline

Parliament Hill viewpoint 

If you are looking for a spacious summary of London before you go diving into it, Parliament Hill is your first stop. Sat on top of Hampstead Heath park, Parliament Hill offers one of the best scenic views of the city. The viewpoint itself is the tallest point in Hampstead Heath park at 322 ft above sea level. This may not sound like much but London is generally flat which gives Parliament hill a spectacular view of the city skyline. Our top tip for the perfect snap is to get there at dawn or sunset as you can take full advantage of the western/easterly sun illuminating the sides of the city buildings.  

Alexandra Palace view

Alexandra Palace view

Similarly to Parliament Hill, Alexandra Palace offers something of a similar London skyline offering but at even greater depth. The spot is located outside the famous Alexandra Palace situated next to Muswell Hill, North London. Since it is located further north, the city view has more depth and expense. In addition the Alexandra Palace viewpoint is officially the tallest point in London clocking in at 331 ft above sea level, a mere 9 ft higher than Parliament Hill! Sunset and sunrise are prime conditions for a good Instagram snap but night time transforms the view into a twinkling spectacle that’s perfect for background selfies and landscape shots alike.

Millennium bridge and St Pauls at night

Millennium Bridge view

Located just a stone's throw from the Tate Modern, Millennium Bridge is an irresistible shot that any London Instagrammer needs to bag. The bridge connects both sides of the Thames together with the north.

What’s so special about the shot is the sense of symmetry and graduation from the bridge’s access ramp which splits into two lit causeways that then merge. All of this takes place in front of a backdrop of city lights and the illuminated spectacle of St Paul's Cathedral. The darkness of the night really adds to the impact of the scene with plenty of light reflection flickering over the dark Thames river.   

Instagrammable places in London

London isn't just about famous pre-defined spots, there are many all-round Instagrammable places in London that give you the freedom to snap some really unique shots. This can be great if you’re looking to take something a little bit different to the usual but still want that one-of-a-kind London charm.   


Hampstead Village

Hampstead Village

Hampstead is one of North London’s most affluent neighbourhoods tucked away at the south western edge of Hampstead Heath. Synonymous with beautiful townhouses, a string of celebrity residents (and of course Hampstead Heath Park), the old Hampstead Village is an Instagrammer’s playground. This is chocolate box at it’s very finest with quaint cobbled streets, dreamy Georgian cottages, fairy tail antiques shops and florists all conjuring up the feeling of an upmarket country village. From a photographer’s point of view the village is ripe with opportunities to experiment with texture and colour. 

Sky Garden

The Sky Garden 

The Sky Garden contains three different public gardens, open air terraces and dining areas all located at the top of 20 Fenchurch Street in the City of London. The gardens offer a panoramic view of the city cradled within a mesh of angular architectural design and sprawls of foliage. It’s worth noting that access to the viewing decks, gardens and terraces are completely free, so these great shots won’t cost a penny! 

What makes the Sky Garden so unique is the contrast between a jungle-like interior and the boldness of the concrete walkways and interior. You then have a science fiction planet scape vista which gives the place a futuristic sheen. Add the element of elevation and cityscape views and you have plenty of great photo opportunities!

Barbican estate

The Barbican Estate 

The Barbican is one of London’s best known brutalist architectural heavyweights and is something of a highly regarded mecca amongst brutalist fans. Built in the aftermath of WW2, the Barbican Centre is the largest contemporary arts venue in Europe but the real aesthetic draw is the precision, consistency and complexity of the surrounding Barbican estate. 

The Barbican is home to three tower blocks, concrete lakes, countless walkways and gardens but the draw is that it’s simply unlike any other living space anywhere in the world. The surroundings are bare, bold and neutral whilst the layouts are uncluttered and spacious. The reason why the Barbican Estate is one of London’s most instagrammable places is its size and complexity. This offers an infinite amount of symmetrical angles and defined lines that really make for an impactful photo.       

Hyde Park Roses

Hyde Park & The Serpentine

Hyde Park is probably the most popular of the central London green spaces. The park spans 350 acres and contains 4,000 trees - impressive numbers considering its location central position amongst London’s urban sprawl. However, far from being just a park, Hyde park contains some of the most popular Instagram photo locations in central London.  

The Serpentine Lake curves through the park’s lush green gardens which are filled with quaint bandstands, neat walkways, large trees and the odd coffee pavilion. In the summer, rentable pedalos can be seen dotted over the Serpentine, which makes for a gorgeous photo. If you are looking for even more natural beauty then head on over to the rose garden where your nose and lenses can feast on some of the most vibrant seasonal rose beds in London.  

Hyde Park and its Serpentine Gallery are artistically intertwined which has resulted in a continuous presence of sculpture and installation art throughout the park.  Be sure to get a great photo of Simon Gudgeon’s Lakeside Serenity sculpture or T. B. Huxley-Jones “Joy of Life” fountain which both look great from any angle. There are also some very moving memorial sculptures to the 7/7 and Holocaust victims which are beautifully poignant.

Hillgate Place

Hillgate Place, Kensington 

If you’re keen to snap and post examples of quaint high-end living then Hillgate Place in Kensington should be next on your list. Generally speaking, the entire borough of Kensington is something of an Instagrammer’s dream with cosy mews and rows of top-shelf Georgian terrace houses. 

The real draw from a photographic perspective has to be the pastel coloured houses which vary between all manner of greens, yellows, creams, pinks and so on. This gives street a neapolitan ice cream feel that responds well to warmth and saturation tweaks in Instagram’s pre-post editing facility.          

Plan your London photography walk with affordable accommodation 

By now you’ll see how much London has to offer in terms of different compositions, colours and scenery. Planning your own London photography walk whilst in the city is a great way to capture some unique memories and places whilst also showing off to your Instagram followers! 

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