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Bed and Breakfast or Self-Catering accommodation: what’s the best type for you?

Are you planning a city break and starting to research your accommodation? We offer some top tips to help you decide which type is best for you.

Let us guess: loads of tabs open, flicking between Trip Advisor, Google Maps and a dozen booking sites? Going around in circles?

If this sounds like you, then take a deep breath and relax. We know just how important accommodation is to the success of a holiday and we’re here to help narrow down the options.

In order to choose the right accommodation option and make the most of your trip, you need to consider a number of things. Like…

  • Who you’re going with  
  • How long your trip will be
  • What your budget is

Do you like to explore the hidden gems of a city or do you prefer to stick to the tried and tested tourist spots? Are you going to use your accommodation as somewhere to simply crash, or will you take a break to refuel during the day and therefore need somewhere to chill?

Is bed & breakfast for me?

Consistent quality 

Breakfast is an important start to the day and for many it is akin to a morning ritual. Bed and breakfast accommodation is perfect for the type of person that likes consistency and reliability in their food. You know that morning after morning, the quality of your breakfast will remain the same. When taking a punt on eating breakfast elsewhere especially on holiday, there’s potential for a lot of variance in quality depending on where you go. Since many tourists are on holiday in unfamiliar places, ending up with something that doesn't measure up to the mark can happen. With a bed and breakfast package you can have peace of mind that you’ll be fed every morning at the same great standard!

You like the convenience 

The excitement of exploring a city and all of its eateries is an awesome experience but what if you’ve just checked in late last night and have woken up in an unfamiliar place? What if you don’t know the city let alone a good spot to go out and eat breakfast? Some people prefer the reliability of having breakfast provided as it’s ready and available when needed. Adequately fuelled up for the day, you can then go exploring on a full stomach to discover those restaurant and cafe gems for later!

You have a set morning routine 

If you opt for breakfast in your accommodation package then you’ll usually be given the times between which the meal is served for example 7am - 10am. If you and your party are consistent in waking up and being ready to eat during these times then bed and breakfast is a great option. It also means that you can eliminate the potential stress of trying to find a place to eat which may eat into your time plans for the day.    

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Is Bed and Breakfast for me?

Is self-catering for me?

Definitely-not-a morning person

If you really don’t want to set your alarm on holiday, then it makes sense to choose a self-catered option. You can start your day at an hour that suits you and take your sweet time about setting out on your fun-filled day.

Intrepid Cook

Do you love exploring the local markets and rooting out some local delicacies to try? If you’re staying in self-catered accommodation, you have the space and facilities to take all your deliciously fresh and carefully gathered produce home to cook up a feast.   

Home Comforts Away From Home

Do you really value your personal space and see a holiday as a chance to relax in a more personal environment? If you choose a self-catered base for your holiday, you can make it homely, with all your usual comforts. You also don’t have to go out every night, with cosy nights in a nice alternative to nights out exploring the city.
Are you planning a break with a large group of family or friends? If you opt for self-catering accommodation this allows you to split the cost of essentials as well as any additional food, drink and activities. It also helps if anyone is on a healthy eating streak or has really specific food requirement; you can choose exactly what you eat and how it’s prepared.

Young Children

Or perhaps you’re going away with small children and the idea of trying to keep them happy in a restaurant each evening could become a nightmare. In this scenario, your own kitchen would be ideal. Having the option to cook when and what you want, also means you don’t have to eat out every night and can save some pennies.

Plan Your London Break With Stay Central 

At Stay Central, our self-catered apartments are perfect for a week or more with the potential to stay even over 8 weeks. Our apartments have access to one of our bed and breakfast 24hour receptions and you can also have mail delivered to our accommodation, making it really just like home. Our self-catered apartment kitchens at Stay Central are well-equipped with microwaves, fridge-freezers and all the utensils you need. 

If you’d prefer to sit back and relax a little then our bed and breakfast serviced accommodation is an ideal option. Available to guests staying over two nights, it’s a convenient start to the day before going off to explore the city! Both options are available at affordable prices so why not book today! 

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