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London activities to look forward to when lockdown is over

Since the pandemic forced the world into lockdown in March, the London streets and tourist attractions that were once buzzing have become eerily silent. We've compiled a list of the things we're most looking forward to doing once lockdown is over.

It’s been a long time since London felt “normal”. Since the pandemic forced the world into lockdown in March, the streets and tourist attractions that were once buzzing and overflowing have become eerily silent. As long as anyone can remember, London’s never been this still.

The lockdown has put a temporary halt to any London activities such as exploring and enjoying the incredible city, for would-be tourists and Londoners alike. While staying safe at home, many of us miss exploring London more than anything. 

But, lockdown will end someday. And, when it does, Londoners and tourists will be able to return to the streets with a whole new appreciation for the city’s magic. So, we thought we’d share some of the things that we’re most looking forward to doing in London as soon as lockdown is over.

Sipping on a coffee in London’s most colourful courtyard

Neal’s Yard is one of central London’s best kept secrets. This small, quaint courtyard is home to a handful of independent shops and cafes, and is adorned with colourful buildings and blooming plants. Bursting with vibrancy and character, this is a special corner of London that is perfect for lazy coffees, or pleasant strolls.

Exploring London’s most iconic bridge 

Tower Bridge is one of London’s most iconic structures, and never ceases to impress locals and tourists alike. As the most famous bridge on the River Thames, exploring the landmark from the inside and outside is a breathtaking and memorable experience. This is an unforgettable historical thing to do in London. 

From the inside, you can take a lift that leads to the top level of the bridge, allowing you to marvel over the river traffic from the glass floor panels. From the outside you can enjoy the incredible structure in all its glory while enjoying a drink at one of the nearby cafes, pubs and restaurants.

Marvelling at the expositions at the Tate Modern 

There’s always something new to see at London’s Tate Modern - which means once you’ve been, there’s always a reason to return!

From world famous exhibitions by globally recognised artists, to smaller, more niche and intimate exhibitions by local contributors, it’s no wonder the Tate is the world’s most visited contemporary art gallery.

Talking a Walk on the South Bank over to Charing Cross 

London’s South Bank is a quintessential, exciting part of the city. Boasting an electric, festive atmosphere, there’s never a dull moment when sitting here. It’s also the perfect place to start an afternoon stroll through London’s centre and is a great thing to do in London for free. 

Starting at one of its most famous landmarks, the London Eye, you can enjoy a slow wander up the bank, eventually crossing the bridge and heading towards Charing Cross. Once there, you can rest your weary feet in Gordon’s Wine Bar with your preferred vino of choice. Bliss.

Staircase in tate modern london
Visit the Tate Modern and enjoy the exhibitions in person

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Watching a film at the British Film Institute 

If you’re a movie fan, you’ve probably indulged in your fair share of blockbusters while surviving lockdown. 

But while there’s been plenty of time to enjoy incredible movies at home, there’s nothing quite like the big screen to make watching a movie a truly memorable experience. And, with the big screen at the British Film Institute being the biggest screen in Europe - watching a movie here will be on a lot of movie lovers' post-lockdown lists.

Mooching around the stalls at Brixton Market 

A wander down Electric Avenue will brighten anyone’s mood, and is the perfect place to combat those post-lockdown blues. Home to Brixton’s famous street market, there’s no denying the avenues’ vibrant, upbeat and “electric” energy, with rows of stalls selling everything from food to clothes, and even live music being played. The rich cultural heritage of the market offers a unique and authentic experience that other places in London simply cannot offer. 

Heading to the West End to watch a musical 

Londoners and tourists alike flock to London’s West End to enjoy a selection of the world’s most breathtaking performances. Even though many performances have gone online, there’s nothing quite like walking through the theatre district itself, a great thing to do in London at night. There’s nothing like the bustling crowds heading in and out of theatres, followed by bubbles of excitable conversations about just-seen performances. Add the bright lights and colours of the theatres' billboard sized adverts, and you’ve got a show-stopping atmosphere that simply can’t be replicated online.

Brunching in Bloomsbury’s cafes

Known as London’s leafiest neighbourhood, Bloomsbury maintains a calm, residential feel year round. It's beautiful, timeless buildings and vividly green parks make it a uniquely calm haven in the centre of one of Europe's biggest cities. This, combined with its sprawling selection of quaint cafes, makes it the perfect place to escape the crowds and enjoy a delicious brunch. 

Sailing down the Thames

The Thames is undoubtedly the country’s most recognisable river. Adorned with triumphant   and dramatic bridges, the river divides London in two, offering breathtaking views of both sides of the city.

And there’s no better way to experience the river and the views than by boat. With so many options between boat taxis, boat tours and even day long excursions, there’s a way to see London from the Thames for everyone.

Gallivanting around London on walking tours

There’s nothing like a walking tour in London. They offer a truly unique way to experience a lot of London in a short amount of time. For locals and tourists alike, they offer the opportunity to learn more about the history and culture of London as part of an immersive experience. There’s also a walking tour for everyone! You can choose from tours based on movies, history and food. Explore some of our favourites here

thames with boat trips and tower bridge london
Why not look forward to a boat trip on the Thames

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