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London Bingo - Tourists’ Bingo Card for Visiting London

We're eager for London to welcome tourists again and once you can visit, what better way to tick off the sights than with a London Bingo Card!

 After surviving 2020, it’s likely travel is high on your 2021 to-do list. And if you’ve been dreaming of a trip to London for a while, you’re probably more than ready to throw yourself into the chaotic beauty that is the UK’s capital city.

And while it might take a while for London to get back to complete normality after the Pandemic, there’s no doubt that it remains a unique and enchanting place, full of quirks and “Londonisms”. 

That’s why we’ve made this London Bingo card. It allows you to notice and enjoy the weird and wonderful things that only happen in London. And we bet that at least some of them will happen to you.

So why not see if you get a full house! You can screenshot the below bingo card and share it on your Instagram story.

London bingo card part 1
Tick these off part 1 of our Bingo card!

1. You’re nearly hit by a city bike

Once called “Boris bikes”, London’s city bicycles are an iconic and ever-popular staple of London’s streets. So popular in fact that you’ll need to pay extra attention when crossing roads to make sure you don’t get hit by one.

If you find yourself having to dive out of the way of a city bike - mark this off your London Bingo card!

2. You experience the real stress of the tube at rush hour

In pre-Covid rush hour London, it wasn’t uncommon to see up to three tube trains arrive in a five minute window, each packed to the brim with groggy commuters. No matter how groggy they are, they’d find a way to launch themselves onto a very full train - and this can be pretty intimidating for the rush-hour novice! 

And, while the rush hour might be a bit calmer after the pandemic, any non-Londoner will still need to work up the courage to launch themselves onto a packed tube. And don’t even think about getting a seat. Londoners will grab a seat faster than it takes you to even spot one, so expect to spend a lot of your journeys on your feet.

3. You get lost while exploring the streets of London

London is a metropolitan maze - even the most experienced Londoners get lost sometimes! So, remember: it’s completely normal if you end up getting off at the wrong stop, or getting lost in the backstreets of London. In fact, getting lost in London can actually be an exciting way to enjoy more of the city!

4. You get caught in a London tourist trap

This happens to every tourist in every big city, and London is no different. If you find yourself  paying too much for a sandwich in Trafalgar Square, getting pressured into buying a selfie stick while posing by a famous monument, or paying an eye-watering amount of money for fish and chips - you can go ahead and tick this off your bingo card.

5. You spend over an hour queuing for the London Eye

The London Eye is a “must-do” for tourists. But, unless you book in advance, it’s likely you’ll be waiting for over an hour to see those amazing panoramic views you’ve heard all about. 

But, long queues are normal. And even if you do end up queuing for more than an hour - don’t worry! Just tick this off your London Bingo card, and remember that the views are totally worth the wait!

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London bingo card part 2
Tick these off part 2 of our Bingo card!

6. You spend “too much” to ride in a black cab

Since Uber and other taxi apps arrived on the scene, the iconic black cab of London has seemed like a more expensive option for getting around the city faster. 

While it is often more expensive than the taxi apps, a ride in a Black cab is a great London experience, so splash out a bit and tick this off your Bingo card. 

7. You accidentally photobomb another tourist’s photos

If you’re walking around Piccadilly Circus or enjoying the views of London Bridge, you’ll never be alone. That’s why you’re pretty much guaranteed to end up photobombing other tourists' photos! 

So you’ll need a spidey-sense for selfies - pay attention to who’s taking selfies in front of you, and cross this off your bingo sheet if you notice you’ve just been snapped in someone else's holiday pic!

8. You get shoulder bumped by someone in a hurry

London is full of very busy, very important people who are in a rush. These people don’t have time to get out of the way if you’re on a collision course, and almost certainly don’t have time to apologise if they bump your shoulder as a result.

So, if you receive a shoulder bump from a passing Londoner, strike this off your Bingo card.

9. You hear languages you don’t even recognise

London is a magical city, filled to the brim with people from all over the world. That means there’s a plethora of different languages spoken on the streets of London - some of which you might not recognise. 

If you catch yourself hearing spoken sounds that you can’t match to a country, you have another thing to cross off your London Bingo card.

10. You experience food you’ve never seen before

As a multicultural city, London is full of flavours from all over the world. That means that as well as your typical pie and mash, fish and chips and roast dinners, you can expect to see street food and restaurants with menus that are completely alien to you! Our advice: tuck in and tick this off your Bingo card!

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London scene red telephone box
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11. You spend too long waiting to be served in a pub 

Table service isn’t the done thing in London’s pubs, and queuing at a bar can be one of the most stressful things about London. There’s no system other than the bartender noticing you, people like to push in and, worst of all, cocktail consumption is on the up. All you want is a quick gin and tonic or a pint, but all the bar staff are taken up with shaking cocktails, which the person in front of you is ordering one at a time.

12. You wait patiently for your photo in a red phone box

We get it - those red phone boxes make an irresistible photo opportunity. The only thing is,  everyone else has got the same idea, too. That means you’ll probably have to wait patiently to dive into one of the last remaining phone boxes.

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