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Relocating to London

Are you thinking about moving to London? If you want to learn more about what it’s like to live in the UK's biggest city and if it’s right for you you’re in luck. We've written a guide to help you learn about living in London.

London benefits from having several modes of public transport available.
London's network of public transport enables people to move across the city quickly and easily

We also know what a big decision it is to move to London and one that needs careful consideration. You need to think about several key things  - many of which we cover here.

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Living in London - Would you enjoy it?

The answer to this question depends on who you are and how you want to live. City living, no matter which city it is, isn’t for everyone. If culture, an exciting social scene and access to more jobs is what you’re looking for, London might be a perfect place for you to live. However, if you’re after the quiet life you may want to reconsider relocating to the city.

Thousands of people from all over the world decide to make the nation’s capital their home every year...and for good reason. London is a bustling metropolis that boasts a lot of history and character as well as many job opportunities and a vibrant social scene too. It is a tourist hotspot and is visited by 30 million tourists every year.

According to Trust for London, “London has a far higher proportion of residents aged between 25-34 than in any other city in England, especially in Inner London where they make up 24% of the population.”

This fact shows that living in London appeals to younger people rather than older people. This may be because London is a busy and exciting place, making it attractive to young people that have grown up in quieter areas. It may also show that younger people are happier to live a fast-paced lifestyle.

If you’re looking for excitement, fun and opportunities to further your career, make new friends and try something new, moving to London could be well worth it.

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Living in London pros and cons

There’s no doubt that London is an in-demand place to live as it can offer great opportunities and a vibrant lifestyle. At the same time, the desirable nature and demand for living in London counterpoint it’s benefits. We have listed below the most common pros and cons of everyday life in London.

Benefits of living in London

The amount of new arrivals in London each year and the ripe climate for businesses in the city is proof of the many benefits on offer. Whether you’ve just got a new job in the city, you’re studying at a London university or you just fancy some excitement, London has a lot for the taking.

Here are three top reasons why people move to London:

The London job market is full of opportunities

Whether you’re looking for something casual or your next career move, London is home to many different types of businesses. If you’re looking to find a job quickly, there will be plenty of opportunities in London.

If you want to move up the career ladder, a business based in London could be an ideal springboard to establish a strong career.

Getting around London is easy and cheap!

The standard of transport and ability to get around is second to none. Between the London underground, Overground, DLR and bus services any destination across the capital is accessible and swift with a tube, train or bus arriving every few minutes. Most major tube lines  (Victoria, Central, Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly) run a 24 hour service on Friday and Saturdays which means nights out in different parts of the capital are a possibility. What’s more, TfL (Transport for London) is heavily subsidised by the city of London which makes inner-city transport very cheap to use.

Live amongst London’s iconic buildings and landmarks

If you enjoy seeing stunning panoramic city skyline vistas or exploring the inner labyrinth-like regions of the old city, London will not disappoint. If you decide to live in London, all of this will be on your doorstep.

The city has so many internationally renowned landmarks such as London Bridge, Big Ben, The London Eye and Buckingham Palace.

Arts and culture in London

If you like culture, London has so much to offer. The city’s numerous museums, art galleries, gig venues, concert halls and theatres present an abundance of world-leading opportunities to find inspiration and enjoyment every day of the week.

Access to everything

In London, everything’s on your doorstep. London has one of the best transport infrastructures in the world. The enormous and constant flow of people throughout the city is only made possible by London’s network of tubes, buses and taxis.

This means that residents have quick, cheap and convenient access to central areas, far-flung corners of the city and the wider world. London is also serviced by three international airports (Heathrow, Gatwick and London City) as well as rail lines going to the north and to the continent too.

London green spaces are relaxing and beautiful

Although London is a sprawling, urban environment, it boasts several big parks to enjoy. With 3,000 public park areas of varying sizes covering almost 18% of the city, London is a very green place. In fact, London’s parks cover more inner-city space than all of the cities railways and roads put together.

Some honourable mentions go to Hyde Park, Green Park, St James Park, Regent’s Park, Kensington Park, Richmond Park and Bloomsbury.

A tolerant multicultural community

London has many different areas, each with its own unique flavour. People from all over the world now call the city home. In fact, there are over 300 languages spoken throughout the city. However, English is still the predominant language. London is a melting pot of different cultures and religions. As a result, it’s a very friendly and tolerant city to live in. if you’re looking for a culturally rich community to plug into you’ll most likely find one in London.

London has a vibrant nightlife that includes theatres, restaurants nightclubs, bars, cafes and much more.

Centrally Located, close to St Pancras and Russel Square

Our accommodation is located in the heart of Zone 1, Bloomsbury, close to iconic attractions.

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Disadvantages of living in London

Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages to living in London too. Some of these factors are not only exclusive to living in London though. Some cons include:

The average cost of living in London

London is notorious for being one of the most expensive places to live in the UK. Whether you’re renting or buying property, you’ll find that general living costs will be much higher than in other cities across the country. This is partly offset by higher wage rates for jobs in London but people still find it a challenge to be able to afford to live in the city, especially closer to or in central areas.

London’s dense population

London is the biggest city in the UK in terms of geography but also the numbers of people that live there too. Nearly 9 million people live there so it stands to reason that some places can feel overcrowded and very busy, especially during the summer or holiday seasons.

Due to restrictions placed on-road use in central districts, the majority of people use public transport so buses and trains can get very busy. This can make every-day life feel a bit stressful. Houses and flats are also, on average when compared to other cities in the UK, slightly smaller in inner-city locations.

Commuting in London can be stressful

Anyone living and working in London will more than likely have a daily commute to and from work. Depending on the distance between your job and house, this could be anything from 10 minutes to two hours each way. Commuting in London can be stressful because the entire population will also be doing the same. This leads to packed tube carriages, long queues and a sometimes frantic environment.

Loneliness in London can be intense

Feeling lonely is not specific to the experience of living in London but is definitely something to consider. Much like any big city, it’s easy to feel a little isolated and lonely, especially in busy and crowded places. Although London can be a very friendly place to live, some people can find themselves feeling cut-off or alone. Again this can depend on a number of factors around your relocation such as:

  • Are you moving with a partner?
  • Are you moving with a group of friends?
  • Do you have relatives or extended family in/around London? 

If you are worried about being lonely when moving to London read our guide to fighting loneliness in a big city now.

Explore London to get the feel of living there

Weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of moving to London is a great way to decide if you should consider relocating there. However, we would suggest that you’ll only be able to decide whether London is for you by spending time exploring the areas of London that interest you.

Booking some time away for a strategic staycation in London will allow you opportunities to learn for yourself what different areas of London feel like to visit. If you are planning to move to London with others, why not make use of our group accommodation for your party.

Discover London with Stay Central Accommodation

Hotels can be expensive, especially if you want to make multiple trips to the city. Stay Central Accommodation is a great option if you want to thoroughly explore the central areas of London.

Our affordable accommodation is located in five bustling areas within zone 1.

Lillian Penson Hall is in Paddington, close to the eponymous station and amazing for transport links from London and also to the rest of the capital. This historical area is located between two Royal Parks, Notting Hill and the West End. Full of pretty gardens, squares and places to grab a bite to eat, this area is a great place to start your search.

Nutford House, another of our Bed & Breakfast properties, is located in the neighbouring district of Marylebone. This is a chic, residential area, which has a villagey feel and a perfect place to wander around and relax as you start to get a feel for the city. You can find the famous Madame Tussaud’s here as well as the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

The heart of Stay Central is within the beautiful university district of Bloomsbury, where you can find College Hall and International Hall, two more well-equipped Bed & Breakfast properties. Our self-catered apartments are also situated here, in beautiful Georgian buildings.  Located in the West End of London, this district is situated within a pocket of distinguished areas, such as Fitzrovia, Covent Garden, St. Pancras and Clerkenwell.

Our remaining bed & breakfast accommodations Connaught Hall and  The Garden Halls are located in Kings Cross, close to the railway station (which also incorporates St Pancras International.) For all Harry Potter fans out there, you can visit the fictional ‘platform 9 ¾ located at the famous King’s Cross. Relax and explore the many shops, restaurants and galleries in the area.

Accommodation close to transport links

Based in the leafy university district of Bloomsbury, our accommodation is affordable and close to handy transport links.

Central London Accommodation

How to decide on where to move in London

Deciding on the right location to move to is one of the biggest factors in relocating to a new place. Researching different areas across the city will help you decide on where you want to move to.  

A lack of thorough research may lead to unrealistic expectations of what life will be like when you live there. The last thing you’ll want to do is move to London with high hopes only to be left disappointed and wanting to move somewhere else again quickly. 

That’s why it’s important to spend time in London learning about what each area has to offer before you decide to move. 

We can help you find the right location that suits you. We’ve spent some time finding some helpful information that can aid your search. Use the following websites to research:

Average rent costs/house prices for different areas of London. Using Right Move, Zoopla or other estate agent online websites will help you to gauge averages of how much you might have to spend on rent or property. 

Council tax bands for properties in different areas of London. Use this helpful Council tax rates tool to find out how much council tax you would have to pay for specific areas.  

Transport links to where you will need to go for your job (or to go home for the holidays.)

If you have children, read reviews of the local schools and find out if they have spaces available. Use this good schools guide to learn about schools in areas you are researching.

Look up the current crime rates for the boroughs you are interested in moving to. The Metropolitan Police Force of London has a useful crime data dashboard that details criminal offences and shows safer boroughs with-in the city. 

Learn where congestion zone boundaries start and end. This is relevant if you plan on driving in the city. Here’s a helpful GOV.UK map of London Congestion Zone boundaries

Read some online borough reviews to learn about different areas in London. These reviews will give you an insight into what it’s like to live in that borough. CBRE has written a very helpful borough review guide full of helpful and interesting information about every borough in London. 

There are 32 boroughs in London so there’s plenty to choose from. 

One of our favourite areas in the city is Bloomsbury. Bloomsbury is a district in the wider borough of Camden. It is well known as a fashionable area with lots of cultural appeal. The University of London has a number of complexes in and around the Bloomsbury area and many of its students live in residential halls there. It’s a great place to stay if you want to explore central areas of London but is well linked to other parts of the city too.  

Spend a few weekends exploring the areas you’re interested in moving to. An investigation of these areas will give you a good idea of what’s there - pubs, supermarkets, cafes, bus stops, rail links etc. You’ll be able to get a flavour of who lives there and what happens in the community too.  

There are many distinct and unique areas to explore in London.

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Find out more about our Zone 1 B&B accommodation

Moving to a new city alone: Things to know before moving to London

Moving to any city on your own can be exciting but equally nerve-wracking too. Common emotions experienced when thinking about moving to London could range from excited anticipation to anxiety. 

London is a big city. There are currently 8.9 million people living in London across 317 districts. The city covers approximately 607 square miles and people from all corners of the globe live there. It’s a unique place to live but London can also be stressful for people that don’t plan.

Failing to think about the various aspects of moving could cause stress or even panic. Moving alone can be difficult if you don’t plan for any difficulties or challenges that might arise. 

Whatever you might feel before, during or after you’ve moved to London, it’s a good idea to be prepared for any eventuality. Here are some top tips on moving to London on your own: 

House-share or your own place? - If you’re feeling nervous about relocating to London, it could be a good idea to move in with some other people. Although having your own place might be an attractive prospect, living with others, especially when you first move, might help to make you feel less lonely. This is a cheaper option too as you’ll be sharing any living costs such as rent and bills with others.

Move close to your friends - If you already have friends that live in London, visit them and explore those areas before you decide where to move to. If you live close to friends you’ll be able to socialise with them when you first move. They’ll be able to introduce you to all of the best places to go for dinner, see live music or get a great coffee. 

The finer details - If you are an impulsive person, moving to the city on a whim might be exciting and thrilling. However, not thinking about the finer details of moving might leave you feeling stressed. If you’re moving on your own make sure that you’ve thought about every important aspect of your move before you go. 

Find a friend or a family member to help you think of anything you might need to consider. Write a list of all of the factors that might affect your move to London. This will help you to prepare and plan so that you can avoid unnecessary stress and ensure that your move goes smoothly. 

Stay Central Accommodation - Explore London with us

If you plan on visiting London to explore potential areas to move to you’ll need to book somewhere affordable and well-positioned to stay. At Stay Central we offer value accommodation in the heart of London. Our apartments and rooms are ideally situated for exploring a number of different areas across London. We have single, double, en suite, bed & breakfast rooms as-well-as 2 bedroom flats and larger apartments, all available for affordable prices. 

If you’d like to find out about our accommodation options visit Stay Central now. 

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