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Why is London the best place to study English?

London is a fantastic culturally-rich city ideal for English language learners. Out of all the cities in the UK, London boasts a wide selection of cultural monuments, great food and a wide selection of music.     


London for English language learners

If you’re thinking about choosing the UK to study English – look no further than London.

Known for its cultural monuments, exciting nightlife, expansive art collections and great music - the UK’s capital city also provides English language learners with everything they need to improve their language skills. The capital offers a fantastic fusion of cultures, food and history. This is a city that will provide long-lasting memories and life-changing experiences.

So, if you want to know what else London has to offer English learners, read on as we explore the eight reasons why you should come to London to study English. We talk you through the ways London living will help you with your language skills as well as giving tips on accommodation and things to do.

You can practice English with native speakers

Practicing your English is key to improving. And in London, there are endless opportunities to practice English with natives at every opportunity.

Simple day-to-day activities such as going to the shops, eating in restaurants and using public transport will prompt you to speak to a lot people outside of the classroom.

However, as well as this, there are many other opportunities for you to practice using English outside of the classroom. For example:

  • You can attend a free language exchange in London. 
    Language exchanges give you the opportunity to share your native language with another person in exchange for them speaking to you in English. This means you both get to practice the language you’re learning. Plus, it’s a great way to meet lots of new people!
  • You can attend a free tour around London.
    •  As London is such a big city, there are lots of different tours throughout its boroughs. Just check out Free Tours and pick a tour that interests you. This is a great way to learn more about London while also practicing your English listening skills. Plus, you’ll also be able to talk to the other people on the tour.  
  • You can go and see a film at one of London’s many cinemas.

Build up an understanding of different British accents

While there are a lot of locals living in London, there are also many people from other parts of the UK and the world. They all speak English slightly differently, whether that’s with a different accent or with a regional dialect.

How will this help as an English learner? Well, listening to a range of different English accents and dialects will improve your English language comprehension significantly.

Classroom English listening activities will often feature slower, more neutral English speakers. However, in London, you’ll be talking to a range of people who use English in lots of different ways. This will provide you with the amazing opportunity to take your English language comprehension to the next level, helping you to better understand English speakers from all over the world! 

London street scene with bus and letterbox
London Street Scene

Join other people learning English in London

For English language learners, London is a great place to study because it’s known for being a very open-minded and multicultural city. 

This is because there are people living and working in the UK’s capital city from all over the world, and the international community is known for being very welcoming. For shy and nervous English learners, this can make London a really strong choice. 

Fun cheap things to do in London

London isn’t cheap - but it’s not as expensive as you might think. In fact, our article on how to have an affordable weekend in London has lots of ideas about how you can enjoy your time in London without spending a fortune. 

However, for English language learners, the most expensive part of attending a language course in London can be the accommodation. Finding affordable accommodation in the capital that caters for your exact length of stay can be really tricky. 

That’s why at Stay Central, we offer affordable, long and short-term accommodation in the heart of the city. With us, you can stay in the centre of London and pay significantly less than most hotels and apartments in the area. Plus, we’re completely flexible on your length of stay, meaning you can stay in our accommodation from as little as a weekend, right up to a whole year.

So, no matter how long your English course is, we can provide you with central, affordable accommodation for as long as you need. For more information about our range of accommodation, take a look at the availability and prices here

The green areas in London are beautiful and relaxing

Like most capital cities, London is jammed full of buildings, traffic and busy people. However, it’s also home to a huge variety of parks and green spaces. In fact, London is one of the greenest cities on the planet. Nearly half of the city is covered in green spaces or water. 

From Hyde Park to Kensington Gardens, if you’re walking through the streets of London, you’re never further than a 15-minute walk away from a green haven.

For London’s visitors this offers the perfect balance between big city life and tranquillity. So, if you start to feel overwhelmed during your stay in London, there’s always a space where you can take a walk and clear your mind.

Explore the UK with easy weekend trips from London  

As the capital city, London is well connected to every other major city in the UK. This means you can travel throughout the UK easily via train, plane or bus. Paddington, Kings Cross and Stratford offer endless day trips from London by train. If you are from outside of Europe and want to explore even further, weekend trips from London to Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona and Copenhagen are all only an hour's flight away. 

So, if you fancy seeing more of the UK during your stay in London, booking transport to other major cities such as Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham or Liverpool, couldn’t be easier! 

Plus, travelling throughout the UK from London also means you’ll be able to experience different accents, dialects and even different types of British cultures during your stay. For help choosing which city you should visit, take a look at this list. 

Affordable accommodation in the heart of the city

Stay long-term or for a short-stay in our centrally located and affordable accommodation.

affordable accommodation
People relaxing in a London Park

London is a great place to meet people

With so many people visiting and living in London, there’s never a shortage of people to socialise with. For English learners, this makes London a really exciting place to be. 

And it’s also really easy to meet these people. One of the easiest ways is to go to an organised meet up. These are social gatherings held by people who want to do an activity with people who have the same interests.

In London, there’s a “meet up” for every interest and hobby. Acting, singing, sports, pottery, poetry, philosophy, ice skating – whatever you’re interested in, there’s a group of people waiting for you to get involved.

Just have a look at websites like or couch-surfing. Here, you’ll find a range of meet up groups that you can choose from. And of course, when you attend these meet-ups, you’ll be able to practice your English.

London is home to a variety of Language schools 

Another great reason to study English in London is its wide selection of language schools. 

English language schools in the UK are known for being some of the best in the world. So, whatever the level, length of course or style of teaching you’re looking for – you’ll be able to find it in London. 

Just make sure that when you’re choosing your school that it’s accredited. Accredited English schools in the UK are regularly inspected to ensure high standards of teaching, so this is really important.

To help you search for the right, accredited school for you, take a look at this long list of English language schools in London.  

Cheap Accommodation in London for English Language Learners

At Stay Central, we provide affordable, short term accommodation in the heart of London. Our University of London apartments and halls are available for as long as you need and are ideal for people coming to the city to learn English. Whether you’re planning on staying a couple of weeks or a few months, we can help you.

Both affordable and fantastically located, our central London accommodation costs significantly less than most hotels and apartments in the area. We offer single bedrooms from just £46 a night, doubles from £88, and entire apartments from only £100.  

For more information about our range of accommodation types, take a look at our availability and prices here

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