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Learning design maturity


What does learning design maturity look like in universities and how might we gauge that? This article presents a maturity framework to help universities gauge progress towards embedding learning design into the development of courses in modalities such as online distance, blended and hybrid learning, writes CODE fellow Neil Mosley.  

learning design maturity levels grid

Multidisciplinary team approaches to designing courses and programmes have been used by universities heavily focussed on online distance education, such as the Open University. Given the growing complexity of courses and a greater variety of modalities, more intentional design has become more necessary. This has in part generated a greater interest in learning design and led to more roles being created and processes changed.

However, there are still some challenges that universities face to make collaborative learning design a key part of organisational processes and culture. Or to put it another way, to achieve learning design maturity.

CODE Fellow, Neil Mosley has created a new framework to support universities when thinking about learning design from an organisational perspective and gauging their current position and setting a future direction.