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New items in the Wellbeing Collection for World Book Day and University Mental Health Day 2022


Written by
Emma Fitzpatrick, Wellbeing Collection Team & Serial and Digital Resources Coordinator

From a crime writer exploring the mystery of happiness to mindfulness pocketbooks, explore some of items in the library that can help your wellbeing...

This Thursday 3 March is both World Book Day and University Mental Health Day. World Book Day celebrates the love of books and the power of reading to change lives, and University Mental Health Day brings the university community together to make mental health a university-wide priority. What better way to celebrate and support these campaigns than to share some of the latest additions to the Senate House Library Wellbeing Collection.

Designed to support the mental health and wellbeing of members, the Senate House Library Wellbeing Collection contains books, eBooks and online resources covering a range of topics. We have recently added new sections on Bullying and Chronic Illness to the Wellbeing Collection and we will continue to add new items on these topics. We are also adding to the existing topics in the Collection, including general mental wellbeing, eating disorders and fatigue.

Here are some of the items which have recently been added to the Wellbeing Collection:

Surviving & Thriving with an Invisible Chronic Illness, Mindfulness Pocketbook, When Dieting Becomes Dangerous

Mindfulness pocketbook: little exercises for a calmer life by Gill Hasson (eBook)
The Mindfulness pocketbook contains over 100 short mindfulness based exercises which are designed to help you feel calmer and more present as you go about your daily activities. With chapters on managing interruptions, gaining a sense of perspective and dealing with rudeness this book offers practical exercises and actions you can take to help you deal with many of the difficult situations that we all encounter in our day to day lives. 

Surviving and thriving with an invisible chronic illness : how to stay sane and live one step ahead of your symptoms by Ilana Jacqueline (eBook)
Written by an author who suffers from an invisible chronic illness, Surviving and thriving with an invisible chronic illness offered savvy advice, humour and practical tips for anyone living with an invisible or chronic illness. Written for anyone suffering with an illness no one can see, this book is frank about the difficulties that people suffering from invisible and chronic illnesses face, but it is also funny, hopeful and encouraging. It includes chapters on accepting your life with chronic illness, working and going to school while suffering from chronic illness and becoming your own patient advocate. 

When dieting becomes dangerous: a guide to understanding and treating anorexia and bulimia by Deborah Marcontell Michel, Susan G. Willard (eBook)
When Dieting becomes dangerous is written for people suffering from Anorexia or Bulimia and for loved ones who are trying to support someone who is suffering from an eating disorder. This book gives information about the signs and symptoms of eating disorders and the kinds of treatment which are available. This book also offers insights into what to expect during the assessment and treatment process, for both those suffering from an eating disorder and for those supporting them during their recovery.

Happiness: A Mystery, Finding Mindfulness in Nature, Lonely Less

In addition to the new sections on Bullying and Chronic Illness, we are also working on adding sections on loneliness and nature and mental health to the Senate House Library Wellbeing Collection. You will see items on these new topics appearing on the shelves and on the Senate House Library Wellbeing Collection website over the next few weeks. 

Here are a few items which will be joining the Senate House Library Wellbeing Collection soon:

Happiness, a mystery & 66 attempts to solve it by Sophie Hannah 
In Happiness, a mystery & 66 attempts to solve it, crime writer Sophie Hannah invites you to be to Watson to her Holmes and the Hasting to her Poirot as she attempts to solve the mystery of happiness. There are some twists and turns along the way, as you would expect from any good mystery. As Hannah interrogates a series of expert witnesses on the subject of happiness, she finds clues to understanding happiness that might help all of us to be just a little bit happier.

Finding mindfulness in nature : simple meditation practices to connect with the natural world by Dr Nina Smiley with David Harp
This title is part of our new section on Nature and Wellbeing. In Finding mindfulness in nature mindfulness experts Nina Smiley and David Harp offer exercises and mindfulness practices to help us connect with nature and thorough that connection find a greater sense of wellbeing. Whether you are in the country or the city, this book has suggestions for how you can spend more time interacting with nature.

Lonely less: how to connect with others, make friends and feel less lonely by Gill Hasson
Loneliness has been a growing problem in the UK for many years but changes in the way we live caused by the Covid-19 pandemic have exacerbated this problem, leaving many more of us feeling lonely and disconnected from other people. In Lonely less, author Gill Hasson offers practical strategies to counter loneliness and connect with others, including advice on how to meet new people and how to maintain connections with colleagues while working from home.

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