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Becoming a Learning Designer

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From 2012 to 2021, job advertisements for “learning design” in increased more than sevenfold. Over a decade, the interest in learning design has burgeoned. More universities offer learning design services and have learning design teams now. More staff have expressed interest in becoming instructional designers or learning designers with hopes of better pay, more recognition and greater agency. And more trainers are offering courses, certificate and bootcamps in learning design.  But what do learning designers do? What skills do they need? And how do they get hired?  Discussing these questions will be a distinguished panel of industry experts from the university, Learning and Design, consulting and recruitment sector, chaired by CODE fellow Leonard Houx.


  • Stuart Nicol, Head of eLearning Services, University of Edinburgh
  • Amy Whitehead, Director, Red Stag Recruitment
  • Asli Derya, Head of Learning Design, Cambridge Online
  • Kim Tuohy, Instructional Designer, Director, Belvista Design
  • Chelsey Pienaar, MD, Noodle Learning
  • Sharon Altena, Researcher and Instructional Designer, Queens University of Technology
  • Leonie Sloman, Learning Design Manager, Kings Online
  • Sam Brenton, Director of Online Education, University of London