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Imagine Your Future Home with Us

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This is a deep dive workshop, co-facilitated by a community leader, where we will collectively imagine our ideal futures in tackling the retrofit challenge that lies ahead for London.

It will bring together London’s tenants, residents, landlords, civil society groups, and those representing them – alongside policy professionals and academic researchers. Ensuring that Londoners’ voices are at the heart of proposed plans, activities and solutions for the retrofit of the future. Participants are asked to bring printed photos of their home and neighbourhood, making it easier for them to share their experiences, needs and hopes. 

The workshop will dive into the language of retrofit – what it means to the participants, how they feel about it and how language around it could be developed. It is an opportunity to discuss and contribute ideas around such an important and meaningful topic, as well as finding value in meeting people from different personal and professional backgrounds and share, swap and exchange ideas. 

This activity is funded by ESRC, AHRC and Innovate UK and is part of the Local Policy Innovation Partnerships programme.

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