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The Philip Ogden Paris Lecture - Creative Practice and Place: London/Paris

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Creative Practice and Place: London/Paris

We are delighted that Professor Morag Shiach, Emerita Professor of Cultural History at Queen Mary University of London, will deliver this year’s Philip Ogden Paris Lecture. Her lecture will examine how specific networks and places have underpinned creative practice in Paris and London in two different historical moments. Its main focus will be on literary modernism (1922), but it will also discuss recent research on the nature and impacts of contemporary creative hubs (2022). The lecture will consider economic relationships, social networks, and creative experiments through the lens of place.

About the Speaker

Professor Morag Shiach has been a member of the School of English and Drama at Queen Mary University of London for many years. Her teaching and research focus on Modernism and on the Creative Economy. She served as Head of School, as Vice-Principal for Teaching and Learning and as Vice-Principal for Humanities and Social Sciences. She was also the Director of Creativeworks London and Network.

She studied Drama and Philosophy as an undergraduate student at the University of Glasgow. Following this, she was fortunate to have the opportunity to go to McGill University to do an MA in Communications, an interdisciplinary programme drawing on cultural studies, film studies, literary theory and cultural history. She then completed her Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge (supervised by Prof Raymond Williams) on historical and theoretical questions associated with the concept of ‘popular culture’. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.