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RIDE 2024 Learning: anything, everywhere, but how?

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On 14 and 15 March 2024, our 18th international Research in Distance Education and e-Learning RIDE conference theme is: Learning: anything, everywhere but how?

Online, blended, and digital education are firmly established in mainstream practice in higher education. We expect that learning can take place everywhere, and that we can learn anything; but, faced with so many possibilities, what have we learned in recent years about effective ways to engage learners in successful learning in these different modes of education?  

To explore the question of how and what leads to successful learning, we will consider the following sub-themes:  

  • Emerging pedagogies & methodologies 
  • Emergent technologies 
  • Belonging and wellbeing 
  • Assessment for learning 
  • Internationalisation and transnational education  

Our virtual and in person conference, taking place across two days, will focus on research and scholarly practices in online, distance, blended, hybrid and hyflex higher education. The conference seeks to provide a supportive platform for scholarly, research and practice-informed engagement within these modes of education, linked to opportunities for the dissemination of selected conference contributions through CODE channels.  

Building on our RIDE 2023 conference, we will continue to explore how people-focussed practices have and can be designed and developed through innovation that is sustainable for people, organisations and the planet.

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