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Stimulating the Retrofit Market

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About this event

This workshop will bring together a mix of experts and stakeholders from London government, universities and business, civil society, and community groups, to explore how London can achieve a just transition to net zero, with a focus on the urgent need to accelerate the retrofitting of London’s homes.

In this event, we will consider four key challenges that can benefit the retrofitting sector and policymakers to unlock retrofitting at scale. We have identified four key challenge topics:

  • Topic 1: Costs, benefits, and incentives for retrofit
  • Topic 2: Retrofit requirements, wellbeing, and appropriate technologies
  • Topic 3: Financing models for retrofit
  • Topic 4: Innovation and delivering retrofit at scale

We will the use the networks, analysis and insights generated by this workshop, as a basis for a more ambitious cross-sectoral programme of research, innovation, evaluation and policy development, to help get London’s existing homes to Net Zero by 2030.

This research is funded by ESRC, AHRC and Innovate UK.

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Who is this event for?

For London policymakers, the event offers the opportunity to discuss with academic experts and business experts retrofit challenges and best practices to inform evidence-based policy.

For research academics, the event provides the opportunity for opening a dialogue with officials from London government and help shape the retrofit agenda.

For business professionals, the event offers a platform to share their views and experience and feed into the government plans to shape future policy on retrofit.