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Supporting Student Success workshop 2023

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The fifth Centre for Online and Distance Education workshop 'Supporting Student Success' will take place on Thursday 12 January 2023, 9.30-13.00 in Chancellor's Hall, Senate House, University of London WC1B 5DN. This annual event offers professional development for colleagues in the field of distance and online learning. With a focus on supporting practice and understanding in the field, the interactive sessions draw on Centre for Online and Distance Education project outcomes and work in progress, covering a range of topics in the field of distance, online and technology enhanced learning. Recognising the need for our communities of practice to come together in person to reconnect and share ideas and experiences, this year we are bringing colleagues together in an in-person only event focussing on  ‘Inclusive Design’.  Networking opportunities will be facilitated throughout the event, culminating in lunch.


09.00     Registration and refreshments

09.30     Workshop: Inclusive by Design led by Virna Rossi

12.00     World Café Event: Innovation and Development in Online and Distance Education

13.00     Lunch

14.00     Close

Workshop: Inclusive by design - opportunities and challenges of designing (more) equitable learning experiences

Presenter: Virna Rossi

Good teaching is inclusive by design teaching. It values each student, regardless of their complex diversity, equally. But how can we design more inclusive learning experiences and environments? How can we overcome some of the challenges of designing and implementing more inclusive learning? Following the seismic changes to the way we prompt learning due to the pandemic, most HE courses are now offered through various on-site and online blends. However, it is a common experience that engaging students online asynchronously as well as synchronously presents many challenges. 

In the first part of the morning, we provide an opportunity for an extended, deep engagement with the issue of inclusive practice – an area of challenge and opportunity for all of us. The workshop session will be a hands-on and very practical exploration of how to embed inclusivity at the point of course design. You will generate tangible take-aways from this event, contextualized to your role and setting.

In our time together, you will explore how to embed inclusivity at the point of course design. Starting with a focus on values-based course design, you will collaboratively design and peer review an online learning experience following a unique ‘roots to shoots’ journey through an inclusive learning design tree. You will focus on 5 dimensions of learning design: 

  • Values
  • Context
  • Content
  • Assessment
  • Evaluation

By the end of the workshop, your enhanced understanding of inclusivity infused learning design and practices will support you as you design future-facing, inclusivity infused, learning experiences and environments.

World Café event

During the later part of the morning will utilise a World Café approach to consider Innovation and Development in Online and Distance Education. We will include focus on innovation in learning and teaching, online assessment, the challenges of assessment integrity and will explore some broader themes including future scenarios for online education and climate change education.

Presenter biographies

Virna Rossi is the course leader of the PGCert at Ravensbourne University London. A passionate teacher since 1998, she has worked in all educational sectors and has been a teacher educator since 2009. Her research focuses around the challenges of implementing more inclusive learning design and the use of threshold concepts in learning design. She is the author of an innovative book (by Routledge, currently in-print) on inclusive learning design.