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Ukraine and the Idea of Europe

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Conference / Symposium

Image credit: Evgeny Feldman via Wikimedia Commons

About this event

This conference is part of  'The Idea of Europe: past, present and future' series organised by the Centre for European Research (CER) at Queen Mary University of London in Paris. Beyond the current war and its direct consequences, the conference will explore the relationship between Ukraine and the idea of Europe. 

When referring to the evolution launched by the 2014 Revolution of Dignity, many Ukrainians speak of a 'civilisational choice'. What are the historical roots of this orientation towards Europe in Ukraine? Has Ukraine always maintained a (partially) European identity? Has the Russian perception of Europe also influenced Ukrainian society? Today, how do Ukrainians see their future membership of the European Union ? Finally, what role can we expect Ukraine to play as a future member state? Can Ukraine also transform European integration ? What can Ukraine bring to the 'idea of Europe'?

To answer these questions, we will have the pleasure of welcoming some of the best specialists on Ukraine:

Anna Colin Lebedev, Lecturer at Paris Nanterre University, author of Jamais frères? Ukraine et Russie: une tragédie postsoviétique (Seuil 2022)

Laure Delcour, Lecturer at Paris 3-Sorbonne Nouvelle University, author of The EU and Russia in Their 'Contested Neighbourhood': Multiple External Influences, Policy Transfer and Domestic Change (Routledge, 2017)

Alexandra Goujon, Lecturer at the University of Burgundy, author of L'Ukraine : de l'indépendance à la guerre (Le Cavalier Bleu, 2022)