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The year ahead for the practitioner

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The Covid-19 pandemic has rejuvenated debates around the use of learning technologies in the classroom (online or face-to-face) and resulted into the emergence of hybrid models and approaches that are predicted to permanently influence the way both distance and campus based learning are carried out.

This webinar explores what this means for the role of the teaching practitioner, beyond the immediate Covid-19 related confounding factors, examining the likely impact on their professional lives for the year ahead.

Chair: Professor Stylianos Hatzipanagos, Centre for Distance Education Fellow.

Speakers: Professor Benedetta Cappellini, Durham University; Dr Sam Smidt, UCL; Professor Steven Warburton, University of New England,  Australia.

Zooming out the pandemic: reflections on new ways of learning and teaching

Presenter: Professor Benedetta Cappellini

Benedetta will reflect on her own experience of learning and teaching during the pandemic (March 2020- present). In looking at the transition from f-2-f to virtual or hybrid teaching, she will reflect on challenges and lessons learnt during the various stages of the pandemic. In considering epiphanies and failures, she will provide some ideas on how to deal with the present educational environment.

Benedetta Cappellini is a Professor of Marketing at the Durham Business School (University of Durham) and the director of the Executive MBA. Prior to joining Durham, she was a senior lecturer at Royal Holloway, University of London where she was the director of the MA Consumption, Culture and Marketing and the director of the distance learning undergraduate programme in Business Administration. She has also worked at the University of Worcester and held teaching positions at the University of Keele and Birkbeck College, University of London and the University of Florence, Italy. Her research falls broadly into the areas of Consumer Culture, Critical Marketing and Sociology of Consumption.

From confidence to creativity: emerging design opportunities for teaching and learning practice within the new hyflex educational landscape

Presenter: Professor Steven Warburton

Steven will ask whether the pandemic has truly been a circuit breaker for traditional models of education. If “hyflex” is here to stay then how do we define the new skillset required to operate within this environment and how do we flex this newly developed muscle in meaningful ways? In exploring these questions, Steven will suggest that the affordances of a more flexible educational landscape offer exciting design opportunities for both creative pedagogy and the architecture of hybrid learning spaces.

Balancing needs – people, politics and places

Presenter: Dr Sam Smidt

Sam will reflect on changes made during the pandemic and how to keep the best of both worlds if that is possible, allowing for staff and student preferences, pressure from government and the media, and the constraints of using what we have already.

The monthly Experiences in Digital Learning webinars from CDE and the University of London Institute in Paris provide the opportunity to explore the rapid innovations and changes we are seeing in digital learning, teaching and assessment. Webinar recordings and reports from previous events can be viewed in the Experiences in Digital Learning Webinar series.