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Accessibility matters


The University of London has recently installed an accessibility toolbar on our website, which contains a number of features to enable users with a diverse range of disabilities to access the website’s content.

Developed and supported by Gateshead-based company, Recite Me, we hope that the toolbar will remove any barriers for any of our users accessing the University of London website.

Research shows that approximately a billion people across the world have a disability, and it is therefore important that we make sure that those wishing to access our website are able to do so without being prevented by their disability.

Issues preventing people with disabilities obtaining access to websites can include visual difficulties, problems with motor co-ordination and mobility, auditory disabilities, seizures and cognitive issues.

With this in mind, the Recite Me accessibility toolbar on the University of London website gives users the option to:

  • Have text on the page read aloud to them in a choice of over 35 different languages
  • Change the written text on the page into one of over a hundred different languages
  • Change the colour scheme of the page, so that the text and background make the content easier to read
  • Magnify the text, so that it appears larger on the screen
  • Use a screen mask tool, to isolate parts of the page
  • Use a ruler tool, to make reading from left to right easier

We hope that users will find the toolbar helpful and are open to receiving feedback and suggestions for what further adjustments we might make, to ensure that everyone has equal access to our web content.