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AI and education: exciting opportunity or existential threat?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been covered extensively in the news recently, with some experts warning that it could be catastrophic for mankind, while others focus on the exciting new possibilities AI might present for us all.

AI and education event: Opportunity or existential threat?

AI has rapidly transformed various industries, revolutionising the way we live and work. Now, it's poised to reshape the education landscape. The question arises: Is AI an opportunity that enhances learning outcomes and expands educational possibilities, or does it pose an existential threat, potentially replacing human educators and eroding the fundamental values of education?

To discuss some of these pressing issues, the University of London is hosting a live debate about how AI will affect the education sector. “AI and education: opportunity or existential threat?” will take place at Senate House on Monday 10 July. It will include world-leading experts in the fields of AI and education including:

  • Ali Chaudhry, post-doctoral researcher on the Transparency of AI implementations in educational contexts. During his doctorate he developed a Transparency Index Framework for edtech companies to audit and evaluate the AI implementations in their products. 
  • Jim Dickinson, Associate Editor at Wonkhe with a strong interest in student experience, university governance, and regulation, also leading Wonkhe's work with students’ unions. Jim will chair this event.
  • Dr Caitlin Bentley, co-lead for the Responsible AI UK Skills Programme, lecturer in AI Education at King's College London, and previously lecturer in AI-enabled information systems at the University of Sheffield.
  • Sue Attewell, co-lead at the national centre for AI, which plays a vital role in advancing AI capabilities within University of London Federation Members through thought leadership, piloting AI products, providing practical advice and conducting sector-focused research.
  • Dr Chris J Blunt, philosopher of medicine and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Assistant Professorial Lecturer and Co-Director of LSE100 at the London School of Economics.

“AI and education: opportunity or existential threat?” will take place at The Chancellor’s Hall, Senate House, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HU on Monday 10 July, 6:30pm. A drinks reception will follow the panel discussion. This is a live debate and will not be broadcast online.

Applicants can obtain tickets on a first-come, first-served basis