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Annual Sustainability Report 2018/2019


We’re very pleased to announce the publication of the University of London’s 2018/2019 Annual Sustainability Report. 

The report showcases the University’s sustainability achievements during the last academic year and outlines where the University is contributing to the United Nations sustainable development goals. 

The University is pleased to announce that the we achieved a further 4% reduction in our carbon emissions, contributing to a collective 51% reduction in carbon against our 2010 baseline.

We also installed two new 50 kW solar arrays on the roof of Senate House and International Hall, enabling International Hall to derive 3.4% of its total energy demand from the sun. 

We also had an excellent year in regards to water, saving a total 29,000m3 across our entire estate – which is enough water to fill 11.6 Olympic sized swimming pools.

It was an equally positive story in regards to waste, with the University reducing their annual waste volume by 1,126 tonnes.

As an organization, we're very proud that 96% of our staff either cycle or use public transport to get to work meaning less pollution and traffic in London.

Lastly, our WorldWide programme enabled the University to save 106,053 tonnes of CO2e being pumped into our atmosphere, which is a win for all.  

You can find our report on the brand new sustainability pages on the University's website where you can also find a whole host of information on the Sustainability Team and what we do.