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Beyond 2%: From Climate Philanthropy to Climate Justice Philanthropy


In the lead-up to the Glasgow climate conference (COP26), Edouard Morena was commissioned by the United Nations Research Institute (UNRISD) and the EDGE Funders Alliance to draft a research report on climate philanthropy. The report fits into Edouard's work on climate justice in partnership with UNRISD.

It is assumed that 2% is the projected percentage of philanthropy funds dedicated to climate-related causes. However, can numbers be deceiving? Specifically, where do these funds originate, and to what and to whom are they allocated? What is philanthropy's role, function, and credibility in the climate debate? What counts (and what doesn't) as climate philanthropy? And what ideas of change and belief systems motivate climate-related philanthropy?

In response to these concerns, Edouard Morena's analysis claims that focusing on the amount of philanthropic donations diverts attention away from more pressing issues, and that existing approaches to climate philanthropy, as well as the methodologies that back the 2% number, are inadequate and ineffective.

Visit the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development website to read the report.