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Centre for Online and Distance Education launches Inclusive Employability Toolkit


Written by
Mark Piggott

The University of London Careers Group and the Centre for Online and Distance Education (CODE) is launching its Inclusive Employability Toolkit for design and delivery in curriculum on 15 April.

The Toolkit has been created by leading educators specialising in inclusive curriculum practice, careers and employability education delivery and strategy, and in online and distance education at City, University of London, King’s College London and University of London

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Students will benefit from the Toolkit

The Toolkit - funded by a QAA Collaborative Enhancement Project grant - brings together bespoke and specially created resources for all educators to develop student employability inclusively through curriculum, drawing on sector-leading expertise and extensive professional practice. 

Structured across three phases – Prepare, Deliver, Evaluate – the Toolkit explores a student’s employability development journey. It will also help students and educators evaluate what barriers students might experience to employability development. 

Educators can visit the Toolkit to see:

  • ways in which they can understand and evaluate the context for inclusive employability development;
  • develop effective collaborative partnerships between academic educators and careers and employability educators;
  • and work with live briefs, alumni and employers.  

Director of Academic Practice in Distance Education Linda Amrane-Cooper said:

“Providing inclusive and effective support for higher education students’ employability is a fundamental aspect of our work in universities, so I was delighted to work with colleagues on the development of a practical, effective and comprehensive Toolkit. The Toolkit’s design ensures that colleagues can design, deliver and evaluate the impact of their work with students online or face to face.”

The Toolkit will be launched at a special in-person event at Senate House, University of London on 15 April 2024. Educators are welcomed at the launch event, including academic educators, careers educators, and all those supporting the learning of students in higher education. 

During the event the team will:  

  • Share the principles behind the Toolkit and give a guided tour of the Toolkit content  
  • Run workshops for participants to explore how they might use the Toolkit in their professional practice  
  • Share insights from the development of some of the resources.  

The event will run from 10.00-4.30 (lunch and refreshments included). Tickets are priced at £10. Places are limited due to space limitations so book early to secure a space at Eventbrite.