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Chinese Scholars join CODE for research projects


Visiting Scholars from China have joined  the Centre for Online and Distance Education in 2023 for educational research projects, with sponsorship from The Sino-British Fellowship Trust.

Building on the success of our previous two visiting scholars from the Open University of China, three new visiting  scholars have joined the Centre for Online and Distance Education. They arrived on Monday 27 February and will be with the Centre to the end of June 2023, conducting educational research projects.

CODE director Linda Amrane-Cooper with, from left to right, Chang Liu, and Ning Liu

LIU Chang, from Guangzhou Open University is investigating the impact of heutagogy (self-determined learning) on encouraging learner agency of adult learners. Chang is supervised by CODE fellow Prof Philip Powell and Prof Anita Walsh. 

LIU Ning, from The Open University of China is researching teacher professional learning influenced by intelligent technology from the perspective of complex dynamic system theory (CDST). This is an empirical study focused on learning needs and approaches and is supervised by CODE fellows Dr Jonathan San Diego and Dr Maylyn Tan

Tengfei Ma and Linda Amrane-Cooper

MA Tengfai, also from The Open University of China, is conducting an empirical study on professional identity of teachers engaged in distance education Tengfai is being supervised by CODE fellows Prof Norbert Pachler and Dr Michele Milner.

On Wednesday march 8th 2023 all three scholars attended an evening event for International Women’s day with CODE Director Linda Amrane-Cooper and reported how enjoyable the event was. 

The Sino-British Fellowship Trust has generously contributed to the costs of these three current visiting China Scholars.