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CODE book heads for the House of Lords


UCL Press are donating a copy of the new Centre for Online and Distance Education book ‘Online and Distance Education for a Connected World’ to the House of Lords Library, where it will be used to help inform future laws and policy.The House of Lords Library provides impartial research, reference and resources services to support Members and the work of the House of Lords, including an extensive library of relevant publications and briefing papers on a wide range of social, political and economic topics related to current issues and debates in The House. Recent topics include Higher Education exports, Higher Education research, Freedom of speech in Higher Education institutions, opportunities for women and girls in Higher Education, strategic review of Higher Education in the wake of Covid-19, student number controls for Higher Education, financial pressures on Higher Education  and prevention of commercial cheating services in Higher Education.

The Centre for Online and Distance Education (CODE) is a University of London initiative to support the development of expertise and innovation in the field of online and distance education through research, training, capacity building, and strategy and policy development. This new edited volume addresses the practice and theory of online and distance education, exploring important principles and highlighting successful practices in areas including course design and pedagogy, online assessment, open education, inclusive practice, and enabling student voice. Case studies illustrate prominent issues and approaches. Together, the chapters offer current and future leaders and practitioners a practical, productive, practice- and theory-informed account of the present and likely future state of online and distance higher education worldwide.

Inclusion of the book in the prestigious House of Lords Library collection is anticipated to greatly amplify the impact of the ideas and guidance it contains.

How to obtain your copy

Published as an open access resource, the full text pdf (482pages) can be downloaded at or you can order a paperback or hardback copy from the same source.

Introductory offer

Save 20% on print copies when you use the code UCL23AF8L.  Code expires 30th September 2023.