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CODE Fellow is first ever Zambian Professor of Sport


Dr. Oscar Mwaanga, who is a Fellow of the Centre for Online and Distance Education (CODE) and Programme Director for the Post Graduate Certificate in International Sports Management at the University of London, has been appointed visiting professor at Kwame Nkrumah University (KNU), Zambia, by the Minister of Education there on behalf of the KNU University Council. KNU is is the leading education University in Zambia.

Dr. Mwaanga co-founded Education through Movement (EduMove) Limited (UK), Education through Sport (EduSport) Foundation (Zambia) and the Zambian Institute of Sport and is primarily interested in the development and delivery of industry focussed online and distance  sports education programmes and the decolonisation of online and distance learning curricula and pedagogies.  In his new role he will be advising KNU on their decolonization agenda, distance learning strategy, sport education and postgraduate programmes.

Acknowledging the encouragement and support received from CODE that enabled this development, Dr Mwaanga said “I am very proud to receive the incredible honour of being appointed as the first ever Zambian Professor of Sport".