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CODE participation in EDEN webinar ‘Changing Assessment due to Covid-19’


Centre for Distance Education Head and Fellow, Linda Amrane-Cooper and Stylianos Hatzipanagos, will be discussing the impact of Covid 19 on the 100,000 examinations taken by University of London students last summer in this upcoming EDEN webinar -Changing Assessment due to Covid-19: Experiences and Impact, 5 May 2021. The EDEN NAP webinars employ interactive discussions and present showcases about recent issues in education. 

We will report on a project whose aim was to generate understanding of this transition to online assessment, from the perspective of the experience of the key stakeholders. Our findings will explore student agreement with the transition to online assessment and provide an opportunity to understand student approaches to assessment and what they would like to see in future assessments. Finally we will explore the implications  for practice in distance learning and campus based environments and for the sector.