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Crisis Theory: The Politics of the Present 


The latest issue of the South Atlantic Quarterly is based on a University of London Institute in Paris research project involving Dr Eugene Brennan and Dr Davide Gallo Lassere and explores the challenges of theorising contemporary political turmoil through the notion of crisis.

The new issue of the South Atlantic Quarterly was edited by Dr Eugene Brennan and features new work by Dr Davide Gallo Lassere as well as international scholars in contemporary theory who participated in the Institute’s Theory in Crisis seminar series.  

Political readings of ‘crisis’ often link the concept with discrete historical moments, such as interwar fascisms or late twentieth century neoliberalism. This special issue problematises such readings by exploring how the temporalities of crisis extend beyond punctual events. Contributors demonstrate how complex and contradictory experiences of contemporary political upheaval should be situated within longer historical continuities exemplified by racism and colonialism. The special issue re-examines the crises associated with the neoliberal turn in light of these longer histories and analyses the different temporal forms through which crisis is expressed today. 

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