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The digital revolution and distance and online learning


CODE Fellow Alan Tait offers some personal observation on the digital revolution and distance and online learning as an invited guest on Morten Paulsen’s blog My online education world.

In a sweeping review that stretches back from present day to the core innovations that led to the foundation of the Open University in 1969, Alan examines the relationships between political and social changes and the digital revolution that made its challenging entry in the 1990s, firstly in the form of email and desktop computers for managing text. “Suddenly the world changed shape, and some dimensions of geographical distance, of time, and of communicating, sharing and working with others, were changed forever.” 
Alan’s review encompasses Open Educational Practice, informal learning, online for profit colleges, and the impact of technology on human relationships, and their depth of engagement.

Read Alan's thoughts in full on Morten Paulsen's blog.