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Dr Bouarour co-edits latest issue of Mise au Point


Image source: Pixabay 

Héloïse Van Appelghem and Sabrina Bouarour are excited to announce the publication of a special issue of the international peer reviewed journal Mise Au Point entitled “Analysing intersectionality in cinema. The circulation of a concept in France and the United States" which is devoted to analysing intersectionality in film and media studies. This issue features contributions by international scholars in both English and French, including Éric Fassin, Maud Cazaux, Marie Grenon, Maureen Lepers, Laura Mason, Rosemary Peters-Hill, Célia Sauvage, Alexis Trépier, Léonard Cortana, Leïla Tazir, Sabrina Bouarour, and Héloïse Van Appelghem.

While intersectionality has been explored in the social sciences and humanities, its theoretical and practical possibilities within film and media studies have not yet been fully studied. This special issue seeks to address this gap by examining how intersectionality can be used to question power relations in film representations and within the film industry in France and the United States. Drawing on film economics, cultural studies, and aesthetic approaches, the contributions explore the circulation of intersectionality between two countries, its relevance, and its limits. The essays offer three distinct angles of reflection, exploring cinema as an art, an industry, and a relationship with different audiences. This publication hopes to be a valuable resource for scholars and students of film and media studies, as well as anyone interested in the intersections of power and representation within the film industry. 

Read more about Dr Bouarour here.