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Dr Sabrina Bouarour’s latest works


Dr Bouarour has recently published a new book based on her PhD thesis titled « It’s so queer ! » Les masculinités dans les films de Vincente Minnelli et de Jacques Demy. Based on an analysis of masculinities linked to the dimensions of sexuality, class and race, the book examines gender representations between France and the United States, at a time when the Cold War, the consumer society, decolonisation, but also globalised feminist movements are profoundly transforming individual and collective identities. She explores how the films of Minnelli and Demy shape models of alternative masculinities based on empathetic and inclusive values. 

Following the 'Barbie' movie release, Dr Bouarour has contributed to an analysis conducted by FranceInfo on the perceptions of the Barbie doll. In her contribution, Dr Bouarour emphasised while it is possible to simply assume that the Barbie doll is a sexist cliché, in fact, the doll has evolved over time to include and embrace different forms of femininity.
Also, Dr Bouarour’s latest film ‘Lights of Baltimore’ is also available on the Kanopy video streaming service. Her film documents the war of images surrounding Baltimore in the aftermath of Freddie Gray's death in 2015 - images produced by media, community, and police each battling to tell the story of one of America's greatest and most troubled cities.
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