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Eda Ayaydin wins prestigious Åsgard fellowship


Eda Ayaydin, Teaching Fellow in International Politics at the University of London Institute in Paris, will be travelling to Norway to take part in an exchange of skills and knowledge between Norway and France.

Asgard - Mobility Program - France - Norge

As part of the prestigious Åsgard programme (a joint programme by the Research Council of Norway and the Department for Scientific Cooperation of the French Embassy in Norway), Eda Ayaydin has been awarded a visiting fellowship and she will visit the Norwegian Institute of Foreign Policy (NUPI) and the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law, University of Oslo.

She will be travelling to Norway in May to pursue her research on Norway-Russia relations within the framework of sovereignty and Arctic geopolitics.

The programme aims to support the exchange of knowledge and skills between Norway and France, encouraging research cooperation and providing an opportunity to further develop an international scientific network.