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The Evolution of Transnational Education


We are pleased to share the news that Dr Tim Gore (ULIP's CEO) has recently co-authored a book with Dr Chris Hill (the British University of Dubai) and Dr Judith Lamie (Cardiff University) titled The Evolution of Transnational Education and published by Routledge. Drawing on Dr Tim Gore's expertise around strategy and internationalisation, the book explores current developments and trends in international higher education.

This book examines issues of identity; positionality; community; value and relevance, to explore where transnational higher education is headed and what form it may take moving forwards.

Drawing on international case studies and expert analysis, the book provides insight into the world of international education and charts the narrative of development from legacy, through current activity, to new models.

Part of the distinctiveness of this book is the blending of case studies provided by international experts around the world, as well as a chapter exploring student voices around the topic. The University of London Institute in Paris (ULIP) itself is included as a case study and three former ULIP students have made contributions.

According to Routledge “This volume will have a wide higher education readership amongst students, academics and policy makers in higher education.”

Visit the Routledge website to order your copy and benefit from a 20% discount with this code: FLR40.