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A General Practice


We are pleased to share the news that ULIP’s Anna-Louise Milne has written a short fiction, A General Practice, no.37 in The Cahiers Series, published by the American University of Paris’ Center for Writers & Translators in association with Sylph Editions (London). It charts the silent cues and halting accounts that constitute the everyday choreography of care in a local GP’s surgery nestled in a strip of fast-food joints on one of the busiest intersections in Northern Paris.  

Everyone knows how it works in the big waiting room just off the street. There’s no reception desk in Dr Al Asadi’s surgery, so you just find a spot, and make sure you’ve noted who is there already. People come from all over, though the surgery has nothing obvious to recommend it.   

A General Practice is no.37 in The Cahiers Series published by the American University of Paris' Center for Writers & Translators in association with Sylph Editions (London). The ambition of the Cahiers Series is to make available new explorations in writing, in translating, and in the areas linking these two activities. 

Painting street poet smoking by Andy Robert

The text is rhythmed by paintings by Haitian-American artist Andy Robert in which figures emerge vividly from his experimental and abstract use of colour and line, inscrutable and requiring. Inspired by his surroundings and community in Brooklyn, his travels, as well as his family’s involvement in healthcare and mass transit, Robert’s work shares Milne’s interest in our cities’ hidden places that harbour the work of sustaining the bodies of those who are often deemed expendable, even unspeakable.

You can order a copy on Sylph Editions' website.