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How can education be kept both good and simple?


As part of a University of Kent E-Learning webinar - What can we learn from distance learning? – CODE Fellow David Baume suggests and shows, in a 15 minute presentation, that effective education - whether distance, in-person or some blend or hybrid of the two – can be kept both good and simple.

How can education be kept both good and simple, despite the two elephants in the room - complexity and technology? That’s the question that Centre for Online and Distance Education Fellow David Baume answers in a 15 minute presentation to a University of Kent E-Learning webinar (Opens in new window) on distance learning.

Keeping it good means being clear what 21st century qualities we are trying to help our graduates to develop. David offers a long list, all starting with C: Competent, Communicative, Collaborative, Creative, Critical, Comfortable with Complexity, Conscientious, appropriately Confident, and Computerate. It is not enough for students, David stresses, just to know large numbers of things. Good also means applying what we know about the conditions for good student learning.

David suggests 5 ways to keep it simple. Use:

  • Engaging learning activities, aligned to:
  • Clear vivid attractive learning outcomes;
  • Pointers to good sources & resources;
  • Peer support and review; and
  • Helpful self, tutor and peer feedback  

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