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Knowledge Diplomacy for one world


A new seminar series launches in June 2021 focusing on key global challenges such as Covid-19 Pandemic and climate change and sustainability exploring the role of universities as important sites for knowledge production, international collaboration and transfer of knowledge. Importantly the practice of education produces emotional connections that facilitate the key functions of diplomacy: negotiation, representation, and communication.

The opportunity to share knowledge globally, at speed and with trust, and to develop common-interest-building strategies has never been greater as we work through the ‘wicked problems’ of the global pandemic and at the same time face up to the climate crisis. 

The concept of Knowledge Diplomacy – a tool of diplomacy by virtue of university level research, the transactions of scholarly exchange between students, faculty, and peers-  gives us a lens through which to consider the future of international knowledge production and collaboration at the intersection of international higher education, international relations, science, diplomacy and nation branding. Knowledge Diplomacy is highly relevant in both academic and policy circles, addressing the major issues of our time, relating to the sharing and openness of knowledge between nations and multilateral agencies with both theoretical and practical dimensions. 

Bringing together practitioners and scholars, this new seminar series co-organised by ULIP with SOAS and CODE, along with the support of ICR, will create a space to reflect on our global challenges, and provide a forum to exchange ideas on knowledge diplomacy. The first phase of this series on 23 and 25 June 2021 will explore the challenges that COVID-19 and climate change have exposed across the knowledge topography. The second phase will look at the increasing importance of international collaboration and transfer of knowledge, as well as defining the future of universities as key sites for knowledge diplomacy in and of themselves. 

This is an opportunity for academics, policymakers and students to join an exciting conversation and exchange ideas to help inform a path forward for the University of London’s knowledge diplomacy approach.