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La Rentrée 2021


C’est la rentrée!

While literally meaning “the return”, the French term rentrée refers more generally to the back to school period or start of term.

Regardless of how you spent your summer, exploring new places, reconnecting with family and friends, working on a summer job or undertaking some work experience, we hope that you had a fruitful summer break and that you feel energised for the year ahead.

Whether you are arriving in Paris for the first time or returning to the city, this is a particularly exciting time, meeting new faces, reuniting with familiar faces and friends, finding new spots, and exploring what the city of light has to offer. However, this can also be overwhelming, especially in current circumstances, which is why we thought you might appreciate a dedicated web page with useful information and resources. You would have received most of the information below by email, but this way you can always access it. Don’t forget to bookmark it, so you can easily retrieve it.

With the perspective of a fresh start, this is a particular time to reflect and think about the things you’d like to do or discover in Paris while studying at the University of London Institute in Paris. You will find a few suggestions and tips for students in Paris. We certainly look forward to seeing all our students back on-site and welcoming new faces.

The city of Paris has so much to offer, so much so that it’s hard to list everything here. One thing is for certain, Paris is a bustling capital. There are several websites you can check to see all upcoming events and activities that are taking place in Paris.

To help you navigate, we’ve listed a few tips for students (under the age of 26) who live in Paris, as well as some of the upcoming events that may be of interest. France offers many discounts to students, so don’t hesitate to specify that you are a student.