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Learning: anything, everywhere, but how?


Offering a stellar line up of keynotes speakers  from academia and industry and over 60 sessions spanning the latest in online theory and practice with practical, hands-on workshop sessions, this ever popular annual conference organised by the Centre for Online and Distance Education has attracted over 600 delegates once again.

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In our post-Covid world, learning and teaching have emphatically shifted online to a degree that would have been hard to imagine before the pandemic. Online meetings and webinars and working from home are part of the “new normal”. And the worlds knowledge is increasingly available at the swipe of a finger on mobile devices that so many carry around or wear constantly. But if knowledge  is available everywhere, if anything can be accessed or discovered at any time what does that mean for learning? How well do we understand how to put these opportunities to good use? How good are we at coping with such rich and complex choices? And what can be learned from the myriad innovations that are blossoming around us? 

The theme for our 18th international Research in Distance Education and e-Learning (RIDE) conference is: Learning: anything, everywhere, but how?  

This year’s hybrid RIDE conference takes place on 14 and 15 March and includes an impressive range of research, practitioner and industry expertise on topics including emerging pedagogies, new technologies, assessment, internationalisation, belonging and well-being, professional learning and research. A recent RIDE conference was described by one participant as, “This was one of the most relevant conferences I've been to for a few years...” 2024 is shaping up to be another. Come and join us.