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Making Innovation more than a buzzword


In the latest issue of her online newsletter “The Educationalist”, CODE Fellow Dr Alexandra Mihai challenges everyone working in academia, in various capacities, to take a moment, reflect on what innovation means in each context and consider it more holistically. For Alexandra, connecting people and ideas, curating existing research, meaningfully embedding technology and opening up educational policies and practices are all very important facets of innovation. Ultimately, it’s all about creating a culture of innovation and working towards making our universities genuine learning organisations.  

"Innovation has become a buzzword and risks being a mere 'container' for things we want to showcase and impress with, things that have an immediate wow factor."  Moreover, these days innovation is mostly referred to in conjunction to the latest shiny technology, which is often expensive, difficult to scale up and transfer between different contexts and learning goals. While innovation is often name-dropped in conversations in Higher Education, we don’t really engage with deeper questions related to the motivation driving innovation, how we can make it sustainable and how we can connect already existing pockets of innovation."