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A Message from the Vice-Chancellor


At the University of London we share the distress of many other people across the globe who are horrified by the killing of George Floyd. We also have sympathy with all those who have suffered loss as a result of the ongoing social disorder that we are witnessing across all states in the U.S. 

These events, as with the disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 virus on Black and Minority Ethnic communities, provide ample evidence that racial inequality and injustice remain a persistent feature of many societies; something that we must collectively address.  

The University of London was founded upon the principles of equality and established to provide education on the basis of merit, and we are committed to maintaining those founding principles and to providing an inclusive environment for our staff and students, alumni and others. 

Today, I met with senior staff at the University and we reaffirmed our commitment to promoting race equality in everything we do. In the last three years we have made some progress in embedding inclusive practices for all. However, we recognise that there is much more to be done and we will continue to focus efforts on this critical aspect of our work.